Bluetti EB40 400Wh/300W Portable Power Station

  • Capacity:400Wh/36Ah@11.1V lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  • Batterycell:Built in Samsung lithium ion battery cell-Samsung INR18650-29E.
  • Load Capacity: Continuous Max.400W for AC output,peak 600W, overload capacity:100-150%@2min; >150%@10S.
  • Multi-use&Various Outputs: 2*AC Output for small appliance under 300W,1*DC12V/5A,1*DC12V/10A,1*Car jump starter socket,1*QC3.0 18W(Max),6*5V3.5A(Max) USB
  • RechargedbyAC/Solar/Car.MPPT solar charge mode, and Pure sine wave for AC.
  • LCD display indicate the remaining capacity, charge, discharge and failure status.
  • 24-Month Warranty.
Portable Solar Generator Make Your Life More Convenient for Different Power Needs:
  • Every family should consider having a portable generator because they can be a great backup for a variety of situations where electricity options are limited.
  • Power Outages
  • Medical Emergencie
  • Camping/RV/Vanlife/adventure

It is a silent and zero-omission portable power station.perfectforemergency backup power especially for children and elder people, CPAP user who suffer from sleep trouble. We built in Samsung lithium-ion battery cell, stable, reliable and eco-friendly.

We built in MPPT inverter(MPPT efficiency is 99.5%)-it can automatic tracking to adapt to the max. charging power of solar panels, effectively improve the charging efficiency of PV solar panels, shorten the charging time of solar panels) Tips: pls choose the compatible solar panel with OCV:12.6-40v/Max.10A,Max.120W.

2*AC110V Continuous 300W, 600W surge pure-sine supplies the backup power sources with max.400wh capacity for home use and outdoor can power up small appliance with no more than 300W such as Laptop, CPAP,camera, display monitors, led lights, fans, routers,etc.

Some device like Electric drill,Electric heater, Hair drier, Electric Kettle,Refrigerator. such device's Instant starting peak power is very high, it will cause our power station overload protection and show error code on the screen.

It features a QC3.0 USB-C port so you can charge your Type-C devices such as smartphone, tablet, and laptop with USB-C port. Besides USB-C, it also has 6*5V3.5A(Max)Port for traditional USB-A devices.

1 * Portable Power Storage(EB40), 1 * AC wall charger, 1 * car charger,1 * 12V/10A output to car charging cable, 1 * solar charging cable, 1 * jump starter alligator clip cable,1 * Type-c cable, 1 * user manual, 1 * warranty card.

  • What devices can EB40 power?

    It can charge small house hold appliances Max. 300W, Load Capacity: Continuous Max.400W for AC output,peak 600W, overload capacity:100-150%@2min; >150%@10S.Please refer to your device specification before purchase.The EB40 will show error code(E*) on the LCD screen if your device exceed max.300W.

  • What is battery cell used in EB40?

    Built in High Quality Samsung Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Cell.It is Automotive-level Battery Cell,more stable, higher safety, higher discharge rate,low heat

  • What is the life span of this EB40?

    Longer cycle life 1000+.

  • How do you know if your portable power supply is charged?

    To check the charging state of your portable power supply,refer to the LCD Battery Display.When lit up,you will see a battery outline with five segments,indicating the current charge level.You can turn on the Battery Display by pressing the Master Power Button.It is OK to use the portable power station even when it’s not fully charged.

  • How do you know if your device will work with this product?

    First,you need to determine the amount of power your device requires.This may require some research by yourself,examining the user guide for your device should suffice. Second,you will need to check the capacity for the individual output ports.Forexample,the AC port is monitored by an inverter that allows for 300W of continuous power.This means if your device is a pulling more than 300W for an extended period of time,the portable power supply will shut off. 

  • How to know the working times for my device?

    Working time =400Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device.Please note: actual power consumption varies from different usages, pls consult MAXOAK for better purchase decision.For example, if power consumption of your device is 30W (may be a 40’’ TV), working time: 400wh*0.85/30w=11hrs (rough calculated) .

  • What solar panel should I use for this EB40?

    What solar panel should I use for this EB40?Solar panel must meets:2)MC4 Connector1) OCV(open circuit voltage):DC12.6-40V max.125W;

  • Can I Charge the Power Station with Two Solar Panel in Series?

    Yes, you can. But make sure the total open circuit voltage (OCV) is no more than 40V. otherwise it may power off automatically or cause damage.

  • Will the EB40 turn off for low load?

    No turn off if low load.

  • what is the size of the Input port/recharge port?

    Our AC/SUN/Car recharge port use the same input port, size: 6.5*3.0mm (DC socket)