Bluetti AC50S 500Wh/300W Portable Power Station

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  • Industry-leading Outputs Including AC and 45W PD USB-C Power port Bluetti 45W PD USB-C Power port Delivery capable of charging larger USB devices like laptops.
  • Quiet, Lightweight, Lithium Power. zero noise with Bluetti patented cooling system.
  • MPPT Pre-Installed Includes pre-installed solar charging optimization module that functions as a maximum power point tracker (MPPT), resulting in up to 40% faster charge times, especially from solar panels.
  • Ultra-safe Lithium Battery With quality LG lithium cells, known for stability, monitored by a state-of-the-art battery management system that prevents over-charge, over-current, and short circuiting.
  • 12v car cigar lighter:Constant 12V,About 13.5V

  • LED Lighting+SOS function+Wireless Charging
    Bluetti AC50S is a 500Wh lithium Portable Power Station, smaller, lighter design, No Gas & No Fumes. A way cleaner, safer and quieter alternative to gasoline backup generators. It is an ideal emergency power backup for RV outdoors, camping or hurricane and other power outage situations. You can have your small household appliance like TV, mini fridge, LED light, drone, camera, laptop, CPAP, router, smartphone, tablet charged. The AC50S is regulated 12V DC Output, run your 12V appliances without reduction.
  • Capacity:500Wh (45Ah, 11.1V)
  • AC/PV Input: 7.9*0.9mm, DC: 42V/90W, OCV: 12V~40V /MAX.10A
  • AC Output: 120V, Max.300W (peak 450W, overload capability 300W≤load<450W@120S; 450W≤load@1s;)
  • Wireless charging: 10W
  • Car Port: DC 12V/9A
  • USB Outputs: 1*PD 45W USB-C (5-20V), 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V2.25A
  • Solar Charge Mode: MPPT, MPTT Efficiency: 99.5%
  • Size & Net Weight: 11.6*7.5*7.7inch,13.6lbs.
  • LED lighting (half-bright, full bright, and SOS flashing)

You can charge two AC powered devices at the same time. The US standard AC outlet is much safer than other non US standard outlets. Tips: it can power max. 300w small appliances, for 300w< power <450W, it can last 120s. We built in pure sine wave inverter, its stable electricity is more safer to charge our devices like laptop, CPAP, camera, drone, TV and more.

MPPT solar charge mode has a much higher charge efficiency: 99.5%. You can choose the compatible solar panel to recharge the power station whenever there is enough sunlight, charge time depends on the strength of the sunlight and the power (watt) of the solar panel. (Solar panel is not included).

Besides common 5V USB output to charge our daily used device like smartphone, tablet, etc. We add a 10W wireless charging function, no need to take wires along, enable your devices charged wirelessly. Save you much time and convenient for outdoors.

It is portable and lightweight, size 11.6*7.5*7.7inch, and weight only 13.6lbs. Our foldable handle design is for more space-saving consideration, you can fold it when you do not use it, and foldable handle is easy to carry around on the go.

LED lighting has three modes: full bright, full bright, and SOS flashing. You can switch it by one press the led lighting button, it is designed for outdoor illumination and emergency help. The led illumination light is soft and broad in the night, better protect your eye.

1*MAXOAK BLUETTI Portable Power Station (500Wh/300W, 11.6*7.5*7.7inch,13.6lbs), 1*AC Adapter&Cable, 1*Cigarette Lighter Cable ( Cigarette Port to DC7909 Connector Male), 1*MC4 Cable (MC4 Connector to DC 7909 male), 1*USB Type-C Cable, 1* Carry Bag, 1*User Manual, 1*Warranty Card.

  • What devices can Bluetti AC50s power?

    Please note that the AC output ports can only charge/power devices that operate at less than 300-Watts, besides, the whole wattage should be under 300watts as well . Once exceeding,  Bluetti AC50 will shut off automatically. Please refer to your device specification before purchase.

  • How to know the working times for my device?

    Working time = 500Wh* 0.85 / operating wattage of your device

    For reference, assuming power consumption of your device is 60W (might be aLaptop ), working time will be 500Wh*0.85/60w=7hrs (rough calculated) .

    Please note: actual power consumption varies from different usages, please consult Bluetti for better purchase decision.

Customer Reviews

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Eric Beauchemin

Bluetti AC50S 500Wh/300W Portable Power Station

melanie kunz
Best bag for the buck when powering a CPAP when camping!

I bought the Bluetti AC50S with the sole purpose to power a CPAP machine while camping. I ordered this well ahead of time to make sure I would have one for this year. I tested this with AC and DC adaptors as well with different settings.

AC /w humidifier = 13 hours, 20 minutes runtime.
AC w/o humidifier = 37hours, 10 minutes runtime.
DC /w humidifier = 17hours, 42 minutes.

Great build quality.
Huge capacity for $1 per watt.
The wireless charging for a cell phone is super handy
The lantern works great.
AC inverter work better than some review videos state.

Nancy Jordan
Love it,

I can't say enough good things about this little 'power demon'. It packs well,charges up great,and hooking it up to the panels is so easy! When my power needs increase, I'll be getting a Bluetti.

Mike Struthers
5 of 5 so far?

I am not yet able to put this product to the real test but I will come camping season? I I used the ac charger to charge the power station initially and charged up a few things (cell phone, laptop) and tested the inverter on small appliances and all worked flawlessly. I purchased this item for road trip power and car camping so I appreciate it's small size and footprint and even the light will come in handy for a night light. I will send in an update once I get to actually use it but so far so good.

Yuri Power
Very impressed!

Great quality, exactly what I hoped for. Can’t wait to use it this camping season.