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  • 【BACKUP POWER FOR BLACKOUT】Massive 716Wh capacity and 700W rated wattage makes EB70 an ideal power station for appliances like mini-fridge, air pump, laptop, and more
  • 【STABLE & SAFE ELECTRIC OUTPUT】4*Pure Sine Wave AC outlets will protect sensitive devices, it will be much better than a modified wave outlet
  • 【PREMIUM BATTERY】The ultra-stable LiFePO4 battery due to its chemistry features it can offering BLUETTI EB70 portable power station 2500+ life cycles before reaching its 80% capacity
  • 【BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM】Built-in BMS is one of the fundamental, which improves battery utilization and extend battery service life through short circuit/overcurrent/overvoltage/overload / overheating protection and others
  • 【2 PD 100W PORTS】EB70 utilizes two 100-watt PD outlet ports, which can charge Type-C port electronic devices super-super-fast, it means your phone/pad/laptop will reach 80% power within half an hour
  • 【CHARGE MULTI DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY】EB70 features 4*110V AC outlets for appliances under 700W, 2*100W PD ports, 2*5V/3A USB-A ports, 2*regulated 12V/10A DC outputs, 1*12V/10A carport for car appliances, and 1*15W wireless charging pad
  • 【FASTER SOLAR/AC/CAR RECHARGING】1) Advanced MPPT technology ensures faster solar recharge rates. With max input of 200W, this power station can be fully recharged in 4-4.5 hrs with solar panels (OCV 12-28V, 200W); 2) It can also get fully recharged from an AC wall outlet in 4-4.5 hrs or a 12V carport in 7-8 hrs
  • 【WHAT YOU CAN GET】1 * BLUETTI EB70 Portable Power Station, 1 * AC Adapter, 1 * Car Charging Cable, 1 * Solar Charging Cable (DC7909 to MC4), 1 * User Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Justin Krem
Great Quality!

After a horrible experience with Ecoflow, I opted to pre order the EB70. Everything from the ordering process, to shipping was well documented and communication by email was always prompt and clear. The unit itself works great and powers my fridge for days! Bluetti makes a great product. Other brands try to wow you with extra gimmicks like flashing color LED's and companion apps that are full of bugs, when all we want is a product that works well and doesn't cause grief and frustration. So far this things is awesome!

Rick Berwick
for my Skoolie

glad i got … it can run a space heater on low ( 750 watts ) when i need. So far very happy

Noel Generoso
Fast Charging of Bluetti EB70 but draining of power is also faster than I expected

I received my Bluetti at 60% charge and it reached 100% level after few minutes after an hour of charging from a wall outlet. After few charges on my iphone, it went down to 80% level. Then when I plugged my laptop, it went down to 60% after 45mins. I will update this review on my 2nd full charging of the Bluetti. For the LCD monitor, you need to turn on any of the power on button of the light, AC, or DC to check the battery level of the unit.

Judy A. Zieminek
Not used yet.

I am confident it will meet my needs but have not yet tested due to an injury. Like everyone else I wish to gage showed percentage rather than just a bar graph but I was aware of that prior to purchase and still chose.

Denis Paquette
I’m a noob in power bank

Has a newbie in this field I got to say I tried to understand my needs and how big and all the outputs on the machine I would buy.
And again because I was not able to evaluate all my need I have some surprise on what it can and can’t power on the AC side.
The quality of bluetti is most certainly up to my expectations thank for that.
And for the lasting of the product I will have to see hehe, mostly just look at it so far and did a few test of what are the ac power means.
So eventually if I want to power bigger stuff I will have to buy much bigger power bank.

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